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“Beautiful songs from the heart’s darkest recesses” 


Meghann Clancy is a gentle soul. Her introspective approach to songwriting draws inspiration from the confessional singer-songwriters of the 70s era, including Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor and Kate Bush.  Meghann’s music has a classic, timeless feel, which she delivers with charm, energy and a whole lot of heart.

Born and bred in the picturesque village of Grassington, Meghann moved to Newcastle in 2005 to study music at Newcastle University. Over the next decade she made a name for herself on the North East music scene, hosting open mic nights, and gigging solo and with various groups at venues including The Sage Gateshead, The Cluny, Newcastle City Hall and the Sunderland Air Show. Meghann also spent these years really delving into the craft of songwriting, which included undertaking a diploma in songwriting with the London Song Company to further her knowledge, try out co-writing, and explore a variety of techniques.

Lost and Found


Since returning home to the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales in 2017, Meghann took a bit of a step back from her own music, focussing her musical outlet by performing synth and backing vocals for Leeds-based band The State of Georgia, banging out 80s style power pop, led by Georgia Jakubiak. Then the pandemic hit, and the world stopped. Like many creatives, Meghann found solace in music. She quickly set about performing songs weekly from her doorstep to uplift the neighbours, and wrote “Life on Lockdown” – a lighthearted response with a serious message to this strange and scary new situation we found ourselves in. 

It also felt like the right time to finish off 10 tracks that had been in hibernation for a while, and finally release them into the world. “Although most of the songs were written several years ago, because of the passage of time and everything I’ve experienced since then, I’m now finding a whole new layer of meaning to them, which is really lovely” says Clancy. The result is a new album, somewhat appropriately named Lost and Found. The album’s producer, Patrick Wood, has been the perfect fit for these tracks, bringing each one to life with sensitivity and careful experimentation. 


All Your Words


The first new release from the album in the single “All Your Words” – a song about grief, following the passing of Meghann’s grandmothers. “Both my grandmothers had a huge influence on me; my Grandma from Ireland had music in her blood, always singing, dancing or playing the squeezebox. My Nan was a trained dancer, and proudly took me to ballet lessons every week for years. Like all my family, they were champions of my music and really encouraged me”. All Your Words features soaring melodies, a delicate yet uplifting arrangement, heartfelt lyrics, and is set in waltz-time; a fitting dedication to two keen dancers, and generating a feeling that listeners can find solace in. In the aftermath of the pandemic, with so many deaths all the around the world, the song takes on a new poignance. 

ALL YOUR WORDS is out on Friday 28th May 2021 across all major streaming platforms.

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Listen to the full track below.


Your letters are faded and torn round the edge

But I still remember all the words you said

Stood by the window I look to your chair

Wanting to see you, but you’re no longer there


I wanted to tell you but I never did

I never can, I never have, I never will

That I won’t forget you ‘cause I never could

I never can, I never have, I never will


Looking through photos and old birthday cards

Reading our memories takes me wherever you are


I wanted to tell you but I never did

I never can, I never have, I never will

That I won’t forget you ‘cause I never could

I never can, I never have, I never will


All your words, all your love

On the page and in my blood

All your words are torn apart

On the page and in my heart


Press Quotes


“… sensitive, emotive vocals and knack for telling an intriguing, captivating and very human story” (God is in the TV)


“Meghann Clancy is surely one of the most cherishable singer/songwriters around… truly moving, beautiful stuff” (The Crack Magazine)


“Beautiful songs from the heart’s darkest recesses” (The Rocking Magpie)